Call to Action-Summer 2014

The following is the first in a series of reports issued by the Finance Council in late summer 2014.  These reports explain our parish's financial situation and call on all parishioners to work together to keep St. Francis strong.  God has great plans for us, but our co-operation is required.  Links to the remaining reports are provided below this first report.

The future of St. Francis de Sales:  Thrive or Just Survive?  Grow or Contract?

A Call to Action from the Parish Finance Council, July 2014


Our parish's monthly utility bills often total more than $4,000, as you can see by clicking on this graph of utility costs over the last two years. Winter heating bills and summer cooling bills always push up our utility costs. A less obvious expense is the cost of the electricity we use to run our pumps to keep the water out of the church basement.



Below are links to the financial report to the parish for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 and to some highlights of FY 2018 finances.

Fiscal year 2018 financial report


Gift Processing Fees

You are likely aware that there are various ways you can make a contribution to St. Francis. But did you know that how you give affects how much of your gift benefits St. Francis and how much is used to cover processing fees associated with the gift?


The offertory collection is by far our largest and most regular source of income.  Thus, a robust offertory is essential for keeping our parish strong and enabling us to do the work God has in store for us. Moreover, our offertory collection should grow every year, to make up for inflation and to reflect the growth of of our parish. For six out of the first nine months of FY 2019, our offertory collections were indeed higher than those of the same month of FY 2018. The July and December offertories were especially strong!


Click HERE to see a spreadsheet showing the monthly net cash flow for fiscal year 2019.

Capital Stewardship Campaign


In the fall of 2012, St. Francis launched a Capital Stewardship Campaign, Growing our Faith, to eliminate debt, carry out much needed deferred maintenance and updating, rebuild depleted reserves, and carry out projects to help our parish better serve our community in the future.  Basic information about the campaign and its progress are contained in the following documents.  

Overview of campaign (from November 2012)


Finance Council members consist of Fr. Charlie Brown (pastor), Mary Johnson (chair), Fran Flores (parish accountant), Elvia Domiguez (parish business manager), Tom Robbins, Annette Viges, Ann Fletcher, Greg Robinson, Craig Johnston, Sara Cooney, and Veronica Garcia.  If you are interested in serving on the Finance Council, please see Fr. Charlie.  Also, to learn more about what we do, see