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Preparing to receive Jesus through the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time is an exciting time. It is a time for focus on Jesus, faith, and family. Children of the parish who are in second grade and up are invited to begin the formal preparation to receive their First Eucharist. Adult seeking to prepare for this sacrament are invited to visit our RCIA page. In order to register for First Eucharist, the child must meet the requirements (listed below) and the family must submit a Faith Formation registration form even if a particular child will not be attending faith formation classes at St. Francis de Sales (such as if they are in Catholic Schools).

About this Preparation

St. Francis de Sales' preparation for Eucharist is set up similarly to that of our updated preparation for Reconciliation. We have made these updates to better serve the needs of families and our youth including providing an opportunity to better explore our relationship with Jesus together. Parents and children prepare mostly at home using a workbook since it is the home where each child's faith is most cultivated. The workbook has six lessons which will guide families through familiar bible stories, offer discussion points, and suggest activities for you and your child while on this journey. The finished books are then returned to the parish. In order to support parents during this time, the parish offers parent-child workshops and separate parent meetings. More information is mailed to parents a few weeks before the beginning of the preparation.

Of vital importance to a child’s preparation is the family’s participation at Mass on a weekly basis. The Mass is a revelation and the greatest expression of the Catholic faith. It is here that the preparation for this sacrament comes alive.

Requirements to start preparation

  • Child must be in second grade or up and must have already prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Child must have regularly attended faith formation classes the year prior to preparation and be attending regularly the year they prepare for this sacrament.
  • St. Francis de Sales must have on file a copy of the baptismal certificate (or other acceptable proof of baptism) of each child preparing for the Sacrament of First Eucharist before completion of the preparation.  If a family no longer has a copy of the child’s original certificate, the parish of baptism can be directly contacted to request a copy (note that most churches require a few weeks notice).
  • If a child was baptized in another faith tradition (a church other than a Catholic one), parents must contact the parish office before the start of the preparation.

Learning about the Sacrament of Eucharist (for Parents)

These are resources that parents should review before starting the preparation in January.






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El Sacramento de la Reconciliación nos limpia y fortalece nuestra relación con Cristo y Su Iglesia. Es también en donde desarrollamos nuestra conciencia.  A través del Sacramento de la Eucaristía, Cristo se hace presente a nosotros en su totalidad. Es la fuente y la cumbre de la vida Cristiana que nos fortalece regularmente para vivir la misión de la Iglesia de proclamar el Evangelio de Cristo.

Los niños que cursan del segundo grado para arriba son invitados a comenzar el proceso de preparación. El proceso para la Reconciliación empieza en septiembre con un taller para padres y niños, y el sacramento se celebra en noviembre. La preparación para la Primera Comunión comienza el siguiente enero con un taller para padres y niños, y el sacramento es celebrado en abril y mayo en una de las misas del fin de semana. Los papás y los niños trabajan juntos, con un libro y asisten a otros talleres y juntas adicionales.

Para que los niños estén bien preparados para recibir a Cristo a través de la Eucaristía, deben de completar la preparación y la celebración del Sacramento de la Reconciliación antes de prepararse para y recibir su Primera Eucaristía (Comunión).