The Goal of all catechesis is to help put people in communion with Jesus Christ (CCC, #426) leading them to live as passionate disciples of the Lord.  This task of forming our children as disciples is a shared task between parents and Church.  Your home serves as part of the "domestic Church" where your children learn from you as parents how to live the faith.  We are so grateful that you come to St. Francis de Sales entrusting us to provide you support in this important task.  It is a great joy to work with families living out the promise they made at their child's baptism, to bring that child up in the faith (Code of Canon Law 774-2).

Our programs do not replace, but rather support the Catholic Faith already being shared in the home, encourages a communal understanding of the Gospel, and focuses on some age appropriate doctrinal teachings.  This is accomplished through scripture, stories, activities, service and the interactions between peers and adults.

To learn how to register for our programs, click here.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the parish office.


Foundational Faith Formation Programs

Wednesday Program
(Grades K- 8)


6:30 - 7:45 pm
@Corpus Christi School

Our Wednesday program is for children and youth Kindergarten through 7th grade.  Classes are lea by volunteers from the parish.  Learn more...


Family Program
(parents & children up to grade 7)

Sundays (twice a month),
4:00 to 5:30 pm
St. Francis de Sales (new location for 2019/2020)

The whole family is invited to participate in this program.  It is geared to help the entire family grow in faith as individuals and as a family.  Learn more...


Youth Ministry
(Grades 9 through 12)

Life Nights @ St. Francis de Sales

Youth grades 9 through 12 take part in large group and small group activities while exploring faith with peers and adult mentors.  Learn more...


Corpus Christi Catholic School

Our parish has a shared Catholic school with Our Lady of the Lake that has preschool through 8th grade options.  The school offers a great mix of education, religious formation, and character building. Learn more...