Click here for Catechist Certification Guidelines for the Diocese of Grand Rapids.  Within the diocesan guidelines for the initial certification, St. Francis generally follows Strand A of the diocesan certification.  In summary, there are 5 levels of certification recognized at St. Francis:

  1. Pre-requisite:  8 hours of formation (Recognized by parish)
  2. Provisional:  25 hours of formation (1/2 way to Diocesan Certification) (Recognized by parish)
  3. Diocesan Catechist Certification:  50 hours of formation (Recognized by Diocese of Grand Rapids)
  4. Advanced Catechist Certification: 80 hours of formation (Recognized by Diocese of Grand Rapids)
  5. Master Catechist Certification:  Advanced Certification plus 18 Academic Credit hours (minimum of 12 credit hours in theology, with the other 6 credit hours in theology or other disciplines related to catechetical ministry)