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November 8-11, 2018​

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Escuela de Evangelización en Español

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization is not a "school" in terms of a building. It is a series of dynamic, interactive courses designed to help people, both practicing and fallen-away Catholics and others to deepen their relationship with God and grow in their faith and their desire to share it with others.

We are inspired by the great commission given by the Lord Jesus to his disciples:

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature."   Mark 16:15

The St. Andrew School of Evangelization is named after St. Andrew who, having met and listened to the Lord, ran to get his brother Peter and introduce him to Jesus. Andrew led this one person to Jesus and Peter in turn brought thousands. Our mission is to bring "Peters" to Jesus who will serve, preach and love the Lord more and better than ourselves. John 1:41-42

St. Francis de Sales began offering courses in the early 2000's in Spanish.  After 10 years of growth and viewing the many fruits among those who speak Spanish in our community our parish expanded this formation to be offered in English In 2014.  Our goal is to continue to form and support intentional disciples who both seek to know, love, and serve our Lord and who help others to come to know, love, and serve the Lord.  

St. Andrew School of Evangelization is made up of many courses.  Currently we only offer the first three in English and a few more in Spanish.  You can learn about these retreats and when they will be offered next by clicking on the links below.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact  Craig Slachter at (616) 403-3462 or slachter@att.net or the parish office.