Elementary through High School Formation

Catechists: You will teach students in our classroom based program. You will work within the provided curriculum and textbook to help students understand and appreciate our shared Catholic faith.

Assistants: You will assist in a 

Substitutes: Your name goes on our substitute list to fill in for catechists on an infrequent or a long-term basis, depending on your availability. The FF office contacts you to see if you can sub for a teacher.

Hall monitors: You walk the hallways during FF classes, making sure that students get to their classrooms, return to them after a trip to the bathroom, etc., and making sure that parents wait for their children in the Gathering Space.

Outdoor Monitors Before and After Class: You monitor the drop-off and pick-up to ensure that children arrive safely at Church, that each child is picked up, and to ensure traffic safety.

Adult Formation


Sacramental Preparation