This is a series of 7 films. The next movie is The Visitor on October 21 at 6:30pm at Our Lady of the Lake. 

Click here to see a trailer of The Visitor.

Our 1st movie was The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. Come explore the principles of dignity, solidarity, the call to family and community, care for creation, our rights and responsibilities, the option for the poor and vulnerable, the dignity of work and the rights of workers through the lens of cinematography. These principles are integral to our Catholic Church’s teaching; some say these teachings/the social justice teaching of our Church are our best kept secret yet this is what draws some to convert to Catholicism.

There will be free popcorn; after the film there will be some dialog together. Except for the 1st film these will usually be once a month and all future ones will be on the 3rd Friday of the month (September 23 is an exception on the 4th Friday). Parishioners from both parishes will gather for these – so it will be a chance to interact with Catholics you might not know – a chance to share on what we’ve seen and what God then calls us to reflect on in light of the Church’s teaching. For our future prayer in light of the evening process we might ask ourselves if God is calling each of us to some action?

Upcoming films will include The Visitor, The Letters (St. Teresa of Calcutta), Selma, Earth, and He Named Me Malala. The dates for upcoming films are: 10/21, 11/18, 1/20, 2/17, 4/21,  and 5/19. We're skipping December and St. Patrick's Day for all the Irish and Irish at heart.

Jack Bender, Michelle Lauer, and Sister Noella hope to see you for some faith stretching evenings shared with friends who journey along the same path of faith.